The Odyssey of the Mind Programme (OMP) is an educational activity for students. Founded in the United States in 1978 by Dr Samir Mikrus, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and the Education and Manpower Bureau (now the "Education Bureau") joined hands in 1995 to introduce creative thinking activities to Hong Kong.


The Creative Thinking Society was established in 2009 to train and nurture students' creativity and problem-solving skills through group cooperation. In just 10 years, the school has actively participated in Hong Kong's creative thinking activities, with a total of 11 teams winning the Hong Kong Championship in seven out of 10 years, representing Hong Kong to the United States in the World Championship, winning the World Championship in 2014, the World Runner-up in 2018 and the World Third Place in 2019 respectively.


Results from various competitions

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Explaining the production of vehicles to the guests

Creative science activities in collaboration with the Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association

Creative Thinking Weekly Class

Highlights from US competition@2013

World Championship@2014

Highlights from US competition@2018

Highlights from US competition@2015

Highlights from US competition@2017

Highlights from US competition@2017