Campus TV (TV Campus @ BWWTC) was established in 2001. It is a complex integrating knowledge, technology, life and language training. Self-enhancement.


Campus TV is also a student-led organization. From conception, data collection, analysis, organization, planning to recording programs, it can give full play to students' creativity, cultivate common skills and teamwork spirit, and at the same time enhance their self-learning ability and sense of responsibility. This brand-new learning mode tries to integrate information technology, activity practice and teaching courses to achieve high-quality teaching effects.


In addition, thanks to the donation from the School Startup Program, the campus TV station expanded the "Creative Media Development Center" in 2016, which not only expanded the TV station's activity space, but also added shooting and video equipment, and upgraded to 4K high-definition digital streaming Broadcasting technology optimizes the broadcasting system of the campus TV station, and integrates information technology, activity practice and teaching courses. It is believed that it will allow students to develop their creativity, assist in the implementation of various learning and teaching activities, and improve educational effectiveness.


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Shen Zhenxuan x Campus TV Sharing Session

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Media First Experience Awards Ceremony

Liu Mian, vice chairman of Luxiang Limbs x Campus TV station