Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College is the ninth secondary school sponsored by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association , and is named after the order of the Vice-Chairman, Mr. Wong Wan Tin, JP. Vice-President Wong joined the Buddhist Association in 1956 as a charity director. In 1964, he was honored as the Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association. For more than 30 years, the board members worked together to promote the affairs of the conference. We have successively built more than 20 Buddhist primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, a Buddhist hospital, and a youth recreation camp to promote Buddhism, benefit the public, and establish the status of the Buddhist Association in the world and society. Therefore, the board of directors of the Buddhist Association decided to name the school with the name of the Buddhist Association. The first school supervisor, Mr. Wong Wan Tin, JP passed away in August 1997, and his vacancy was taken over by Rev. Sik Kok-Kwong. In 2001, Rev. Sik Kok-Kwong became the permanent honorary supervisor, and was succeeded by Mr. Au Kit Ming, MH. When Mr. Au passed away in October 2010, Ven. Kuan Yun took over his vacancy.