In order to enable students to correctly understand Buddhism, inspire their compassion and wisdom through Buddhism, and apply Buddhism to their daily lives to achieve the ultimate spirit of self-altruism, the Religious Affairs Committee, the Department of Buddhism and the Department of Ethics and Religion have designed a school-based Buddhist education program with the theme of "Three Good" (doing good deeds, saying good things and having good intentions) to cultivate students' good attitude towards life and positive values.


We start from the three aspects of "Campus Atmosphere", "Regular Curriculum" and "Extracurricular Activities" to cultivate students to become self-interested and altruistic “Three Goods” BWWTC’s youth.


Campus atmosphere

"Three Goods" board newspaper board, "Three Goods" campus.


Three Goods doorway



Three Goods Bien




Regular courses

The Path to Enlightenment, Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra, BWWTC’’s Three Goods, Meditation Courses, Ancient Wisdom and Present Usage, and religious practice


Meditation Class-1-

Meditation Class-2-

Visiting the Maritime Atlas exhibition

Passing the Lantern Festival


Religious activities

Morning Buddha Worship, Buddhist Classics, Film Appreciation, Temple Tours, Buddhist Story Interpretation Competition, Religious Week, Compassion Tour, Lantern Festival, Buddhist Lectures, School Buddha Bathing Ceremony, 10,000 Conversion Ceremonies, Vegetarian Activities, Flag Selling Activities, Blessing Bag Wrapping and Gift Bag Giving Activities, etc.