1. Cultivate a spirit of solidarity and autonomy among students
  2. Train students' independent thinking and adaptability
  3. Explore students' potential, train students' leadership, organizational skills, and sense of responsibility
  4. Act as a bridge between the school and students and enhance students' sense of belonging to the school
  5. Cultivate students' spirit of service and seek benefits for members
  6. Establish the external image of the students of the school


Organizational Structure & Duties


  Organizational Structure Duties
Level 1 : General Assembly 1. By all members (i.e. all students) group
2. The President of the Council shall serve as the President of the General Assembly
1. Adopt the annual work and financial report of the Executive Council
2. Elect or dismiss the officers of the Council
3. Amend the Constitution
4. Other transactions
Level 2 : Delegates 1. One representative per shift
2. The officer will send two representatives
3. The Leader will send a representative
1. Supervise and assist the work of the officers' committee
2. Plan and monitor elections
3. Adopt the annual work outline and financial budget of the Board of Directors
4. By-election of officers and officers
Level 3 : Delegates 1. Elected by referendum
2. Positions include: president, vice president, finance,
clerical, cultural and recreation, welfare, publishing, etc
1. Plan and promote the standing work of the Student Union
2. Plan and promote the work approved by the Council
3. Represent the Association externally





  1. Welfare: Place stationery vending machines for students' use, umbrella borrowing, borrowing of previous examination questions of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, etc
  2. Organizing various inter-class competitions: including junior group and senior group inter-class ball competition, intermediate level teacher and student dodgeball competition, land games inter-class banner design competition, class shirt design competition, etc
  3. Publishing: Student Newspaper
  4. Others: Teacher Respect Week, Teachers and Students School Situation Symposium, BWWTC’s Mini Lantern Festival Booth, Middle School Tour Booth, Secondary school Expo Booth, etc


19-20 Student Council Members

Student Council Election Advisory Assembly

Ma On Shan Lingliangtang Primary School Expo

Honoring the teacher day ~ noon jukebox

Dodgeball competition

Senior group interclass basketball competition