Rope skipping is a simple and interesting healthy exercise that is beneficial to the body and mind. In order to cultivate students' aggressiveness, perseverance, and teamwork spirit, our school started to set up a rope skipping team in 2009 to let the players realize their potential. Since its establishment, the rope skipping team has been invited to perform many times, such as the 2016 Sha Tin District Outstanding Student Award Ceremony, Sha Tin District Buddha Bathing Ceremony, Zhang Xuanchang Primary School Talent Show Day, etc., which were well received. In addition, under the leadership of professional instructors and hard training, the members of the rope skipping team have won many awards in different competitions and won glory for the school. What is even more encouraging is that the members of our school were selected as members of the Hong Kong representative team and went to Malaysia, France, Sweden participates, faces the world, and creates legends. We believe that through different competitions, the players can get the benefits of rope skipping, and at the same time, they can broaden their horizons and show their ambitions, which is worthy of recognition


Competitions and Awards

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