The robot production team of our school was established in 2010. Introducing robot-making activities into the curriculum can guide students to apply the knowledge of mathematics, information technology and science, allowing them to learn continuously in the process of repeated thinking, experimentation and revision, improving self-learning and problem-solving abilities, as well as strengthening collaboration and exercising innovation The ability to practice, thereby enhancing self-confidence. The production team has won awards in several large-scale robotics competitions in Hong Kong, and was invited to attend workshops as demonstration guests and host booth games, which are very popular.  


Competitions and Awards

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Robot Football Competition

Students and children having fun with robots

Connecting a circuit board

Hong Kong Music Robot Competition - Champion of the Most Creative Design Award



ROBOFEST Hong Kong Trials 2018


Group photo with then Head of the Education Bureau at the 20th Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition Awards Ceremony