The Dance Society has been established for 30 years, and it can be said to be one of the oldest interest groups in the school. We believe that through regular dance training, students can improve their dance skills, cultivate perseverance and positive values. In order to further promote the dance culture in the school, the school also provides a well-equipped dance studio on the fifth floor, where professional tutors are hired to teach and choreograph, including modern dance, jazz dance, hip hop, breaking, and various types. In recent years, the Dance Society has actively participated in different types of competitions and performances, allowing students to take advantage of performance opportunities to further develop their potential, strengthen their self-confidence and teamwork spirit.  



Competitions and awards

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The 39th Sha Tin District Dance Competition

The 39th Sha Tin District Dance Competition

The 47th Hong Kong Open Dance Competition

Dance Away Drugs Sha Tin Dance Competition

The 55th School Dance Festival

The 55th School Dance Festival Trio Dance