To strengthen the ties between parents and schools, so that school education and family education can cooperate with each other, and assist parents, teachers and students to integrate into the big family.




  1. Networking events
    ➢ Parent-teacher Association General Assembly➢ Parent-child travel day trip
    ➢ Parent-child party
    ➢ New Year Day
    ➢ Parent interest classes
    ➢ Parent volunteer gathering
  2. Positive parent education
    ➢ Parent Academy
  3. Welfare
    ➢ Secondary 1 Summer Parent Class
    ➢ Support for school lunch
    ➢ Allocate funds to subsidize the school's extracurricular activities
    ➢ Establishment of scholarships
    ➢ To assist families in need, set up "Parent-Teacher Association - Emergency Paid Assistance for Members"
    ➢ Assist parents to participate in external seminars designed for parents
    ➢ To collaborate with other groups of the school to organise some seminars or workshops suitable for parents to enhance their ability to understand, discipline and guide their children.
    ➢ Sale of old school uniforms
  4. Service
    ➢ Volunteer service


Executive Committee of the 18th Parent-Teacher Association (2022-2023)

  Post Parent Council Teacher Committee
1 Chairperson 馮蝶䔧女士 /
2 Vice-Chair 吳翠雲女士 李鏡品校長
3 Treasurer 杜雪琴女士 霍綺薇老師
4 Secretary 黃珮茵女士 符紅娟老師
5 Contact Person 賴秀才女士 沈 音老師
6 Leisure Secretary 廖嘉敏女士、朱東亮女士 陳 楊老師
7 General Secretary 李慧嫻女士、賴明志先生 陳創華老師
8 Officer 袁綺玲女士 /


In order to enable parents to establish a healthy outlook on life, nurture positive attitudes towards their children, and enhance the parent-child relationship, the school has set up a special page for the BWWTC's Parent Academy to enable children to grow up healthily through home-school cooperation.


A long volunteer team

Rate the lunch supplier tasting

BWWTC's gathered together for a colorful parent-child party

Executive Committee of the Parent-Teacher Association

Parent-child cooking class

Parent-child interest class - cutting daffodil head class

Family trip day trip

Old school uniforms for sale