The purpose of establishing Prefects



  1. Assist teachers in maintaining order;
  2. Cultivate students' spirit of service;
  3. Train students in leadership skills;
  4. Develop students' personal potential.


Organization of Prefects


  1. There are two head prefects, two deputy head prefects, and eight regular prefects.
  2. Prefects are mainly from Secondary 3 to Secondary 5.


Responsibilities for Prefects



  1. Check the appearance of the same school uniform;
  2. Deal with the problem of classmates being late;
  3. Assist in maintaining order during breaks and lunch;
  4. Through the campus TV station, set up its own leadership channel to act as a bridge between the school and students, explain the school rules or school measures to the students, and reflect the students' opinions on the school rules and measures to the school authorities.




A group photo of all prefects

Seminar for new prefects and students

Group photo of Prefect Activity Day

Medal Ceremony for Prefects

Prefect adventure training

Prefect Bootcamp